Pump Out Septic Service

We are experienced, prompt, knowledgeable technicians and are skilled in cleaning various types of septic tanks, aerobic tanks, & holding tanks.  The best way to get a long life out of your system is to perform regular  maintenance.  Our customers have come to know that they can rely on us for routine and emergency service.  We service residential, commercial, and local farms in St. Lawrence County.

We offer septic tank risers the we can install if you no longer want to locate & physically dig your access lid.  These risers are installed to set flush with ground.  No more locating and digging!

We also offer reminder service, when your next service is recommended, we will send a letter or call you.  You can make the decision to schedule a service when it is convenient for you.  You are under no obligation to schedule the day we contact you.

You can find more information about pump out frequency by clicking here.

Septic Tank Schedule For Service